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Mr. SeniorTICs that you see above will be your guide throughout the ICT courses!

Have you tried our training tools?

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Which are the training tools of SeniorTics?

  • ICT courses in flash
    • Mastering the basic concepts and functions of a PC
      • What is a computer
      • Excercises on moving the mouse
      • Quiz
    • Looking for information and analysing it
      • History of Internet
      • Quiz
    • Creating numerical documents
      • How to copy & paste files
      • How to create folders
      • How to save files from web
      • How to save pictures from web
    • Communicating and exchanging through Internet
      • How to create an address book in Gmail
      • How to create groups in Gmail
  • Blogs
  • Web albums
  • Forum

In order to access them, please visit our training space!

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