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¿Qué es SeniorTICs?

SeniorTICs is an EU funded project that concentrates on increasing accessibility of lifelong learning for older people, focusing on their learning needs in the ICT field, from which they are traditionally excluded.

It aims at encouraging their motivation by providing them with several pieces of information about the possible interesting uses of ICT (based on their everyday needs) and also through the implementation of an adapted pedagogy by experienced trainers, who will also get specific training to deal with the learning characteristics of this age group.

The knowledge and competences acquired by senior citizens will be strengthened by planning series of guided and motivating activities, through which they will design and create technological effects.

Furthermore, the project also promotes the intergenerational exchanges, as it is designed to facilitate solidarity and communication among youger and older people in a non-formal education setting.


The project has three main objectives:

  • To encourage the acquisition of basics skills in ICT by older people.
  • To think at European level, about new metodologies and their potential to improve the way old people learn and spend their free time.
  • To encourage inter-generational dialogue and recover Historical Memory.


The main outputs of the project will be:

  • ICT training handbook adapted for older people
  • Creation of a website made by and orientated to older people cointaining a web album, blogs and videos
  • A training metodology for training older people in ICT matters based on the experience obtained throughout the project
  • A compilation CD/DVD of all activities of the project
  • An international seminary on adult training and several activities for the promotion of inter-generational learning.


The project is designed to produce a high impact on the population having the lowest levels of digital literacy in Spain and Portugal, which are senior cotozens over 65, who have never used a computer or other technological devices. At least 60 people will be trained in the use of ICT.

The training methodology that will result from the experience provided by each one of the partners as well as from the pilot trainings with the senior citizens will be validated for future use in other EU countries.

Grupos objetivo

The project's target group are senior citizens, older than 65 that have no prior ICT knowledge and present learning anxiety.

Información general sobre el proyecto

Project contract number:

Funded by: DG of Education, Lifelong Learning Program, GRUNDTVIG subprogram

Coordinating Organisation: City Council of Lugo (Spain)

Duration: 18 months (from 01/11/2007 till 30/04/2009)